Let's Talk About Furrydelphia!

I was originally set to have an Artist Alley table on Saturday, but due to many circumstances, including a dealer dropping out last minute, I ended up in the Den! Now, I was given about five days’ notice of this change, so for the five days before the con I was scrambling to figure out what exactly I could do to fill out a dealer’s table. I didn’t really have time to make any premade fursuit parts. I sort of just took my art supplies and a few foam bases and did what I could.

And without going into too much boring numbers detail, I did okay! I think that going forward I need to come up with some cool prints I could sell, and I would like to take suit things along with me to try and both rake in some big purchases and to promote the fact that I also do suits.

After the con I got myself a cool little mobile photo printer, so that I can actually do digital badges at-con and I’m really eager to try that out at Tiny Paws.

Now...onto the more interesting parts of the con.

As you all are probably aware, I had reserved a suite for the duration of the con. I very graciously allowed my friend and faux-father Boozy Badger to share in its splendor. I’m a very kind person. I had the place all to myself Thursday night and it was ~awesome~. California King sized bed all to myself. And you bet your ass I used every damn pillow in the suite to make a cozy nest.

Friday morning--picked up my registration stuff. Furrydelphia used both traditional plastic attendee badges and a cool shiny wristband system which I think was a great idea to prevent ghosting and the sharing of badges.

Made my way into the Den to set up and was surrounded by people who had actually done this shit before, and I was a bit overwhelmed. They had these huge displays full of goods and I was very intimidated. It took me all of five minutes to set my things up, because I didn’t have much other than a backpack full of art supplies. I felt very ….underdressed?

Since it didn’t take me long to get ready, I perused the other tables before the Den officially opened. It’s kind of amazing that I only bought the few items that I did, because there was a LOT of talent in there. Suits, clothing, plushies, stickers, buttons...and the charity (Bella Reed Pitbull Rescue) had puppies.

I bought a California Condor plush and later, a partial fursuit. Because I make bad choices when I’m homesick and nervous.

Did some art, made some new friends, and the work day was done.

Time for a relaxing dinner with my friends, right? Nope! After cramming five voluptuous asses in a four-seater Mini Cooper and settling in at the restaurant, Boozy gets a text update from Alkali, the drunken noodle whose plane was delayed longer than Christ’s second coming, saying “oh hey you’re running my panel”. That panel was within the next forty-five minutes.

Cue five furries frantically shovelling food into their faces (RIP mediocre ribeye steak…) and piling back into the pumpkin carriage to book it back to the hotel and figure out how in the hell to run a Whose Lion Is It Anyway? game.

...And, you know what? It actually went really well. I had fun, and that’s all that really matters isn’t it? Me. Me, me me me, me.


Boozy had his own, planned, panel after that, so the bird was up late.

I was wiped after this. 8 hours of being jovial and talking to strangers-cum-clients is exhausting, and then tack on the antics of the evening.

The dudes wanted to stay up and drink in the suite. I put on my lemur pajamas and pretty much just went to bed.

The next morning the suite smelled like vomit. Cue the inquisition! Nobody claimed to have thrown up the night before. So, my brain was occupied by trying to solve the mystery for most of the day while I was drawing and marketing in the Den.

Sound check for the dance comp was Saturday morning, and then I had some biscuits and gravy from the breakfast buffet before beating a hasty retreat to my table.

Boozy’s significant otter and wee mustelid babby arrived and acted as my adorable table minions for a while. I did more business on Saturday than the other days, and I attribute that fact to the cute kid. Thanks, little dude!

The drunken ferret had arrived at some point while I was snoozing in the early morning hours, so cue two hour long panels of drinking and then a rousing game of King’s Cup. I played. I did pretty good as the Question Master. 10/10 would play again.

I’m going to fast forward to the next day now because there are so many aspects of this weekend to recount that I get them all confused. I may have some stories to tell at a later date but for now you guys just need as brief a rundown as I can give.

The dance competition. Let’s talk about the dance competition.

There was no introduction. The music kind of just started, a name was announced, and the first competitor rushed herself onto the hastily assembled stage to perform. Cue my nerves. I also should note that there were only about six other dances sitting with me, so I assume that is all that had signed up? I’m not sure. But eventually they ran out of dancers and started opening the floor up to people who had not signed up, had no music, and some of whom did not even have fursuits. I don’t know if they were just trying to fill time or...what...but I eventually packed my suit up and went back up to my table to be productive.

I did dance though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFT1qo1T63A&list=PLjW15ODqKUCYlSbyPV8zZN-wR_OUJ8oFv

I worked for a few hours to get the last of my commissions done, and then donated the last two of my headbases and some artwork that I had amassed in my sketchbook to the charity auction, which I also booked it upstairs to see.

I’m very proud to say that the owner of the charity organization ended up with the highest bid on the pitbull fursuit design that I submitted, and I will be making the organization’s mascot for a Furrydelphia 2018 debut! I also came away with another suit commission to do to benefit the charity. I’m going to be a busy bird!

Closing ceremonies...did you guys hear about the Vegan Spacewolves situation? I don’t even know where to start. Basically some rando came in, babbled about furries being a CIA conspiracy, claimed that we were all shapeshifters, and threw hundreds of dollars into the crowd while yelling “DO IT NOW, SILENT BOB” not once, but twice. He was escorted out.

The con ended up having 718 attendees and hitting their $5,000 charity fundraising goal. I think it was a really fun adventure and I’m absolutely going back next year! I can’t wait to see how this convention grows.

I had a great time, I survived my first dealer venture, and I’m so glad to be home.

<3 Meow


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