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Meow Sightings

You can find Meow in the wild if you know where to look! It's easy--just follow the aerial fur fibers and molted feathers!

Furrydelphia - Philadelphia, PA
August 18 - 20, 2017

Tiny Paws Con - Danbury, CT
September 7 - 10, 2017

Anthro Weekend Utah - Salt Lake City, UT
October 26 - 29, 2017


Midwest Fur Fest -Rosemont, IL November 29 - Dec. 3, 2017


Meow is a colorado based artist specializing in all things fuzzy and cute. she is the official head artist for the super thomas brothers let's play channel on youtube as well as the graphic artist for bois d'arc brewery, among other things.

Meow lives with her wonderful fiancee, a dog, cat, lovebird, two budgies, two leopard geckos, one python, and way too much fur.

Fursuits by Meow

Meow makes your cartoon animals come to life!

Special Offer!

Current Specials
Boysenberry Angel Dragon
Boysenberry Angel Dragon
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DCD5dHRUQAAOP9V.jpg large.jpg

Artwork by Meow

Drawing your fuzzy things since the dawn of time!

Quiz Tanuki
Tala Red Panda Icon
Red Fox Icon
Mochni Blue Tit
Bobcat AAA
Arialth Telegram Sticker Pack
Frost Lion Dragon Ref Sheet

Commission Meow




Heads can be made in either toony or realistic style. I prefer to use pre-made headbases from makers like DVC or StuffedPanda. All heads have great vision and ventilation; adjustable tongues and magnetic eyelids are optional!

Prices start at $500.



Partials have a few options: Light (head, handpaws, tail), Medium (head, handpaws, tail, feetpaws), or Heavy (head, handpaws, tail, feetpaws, armsleeves).

Prices start at $850.



Halfsuits can come two ways: torso or lower body. This includes a head, handpaws, feetpaws, tail, and either a torso/shirt piece with armsleeves or a pair of furry "pants".

Prices start at $1100.



Fullsuits can be either plantigrade or digitigrade. Base prices include the entire suit from head to toe, but these prices will increase due to complicated designs and extra appendages!

Plantigrade prices start at $1400.

Digitigrade prices start at $1800.

Commission Meow



Telegram Stickers

$8/each or 5 for $37

cute hoot icon.png


Standard 500 x 500 icon.


Reference Sheets

Base price is for a front view, back view, one closeup or two clothing chibis. I always try to add a personal touch to each.


Fullbody Illustrations

Your character in all of their glory!


Terms of Service

Deposit and Pricing

 A non-refundable 30+% deposit is due up front at the time of ordering your costume. This deposit is non-refundable due to the need to purchase materials. The remaining cost can be paid in as many installments as needed, so long as all payment obligations are fulfilled before I ship the costume.


Your price quote is good for 30 days. After that time period, the quoted price is subject to change depending on the fluctuation of material costs in that time.


If should you wish to end the commission process before work has started, you will be refunded all but your 30% deposit, and relinquish all of the materials that you sent to me to use in the commission. If work has been started, you will be refunded based on what work has not yet been done.
 If ending the commission early, the fursuit will be modified so that it does not look like your character and sold on a premade basis. The earnings will remain mine.


 If you are not satisfied with your completed fursuit, please work with me! I am able to make small repairs to satisfy your needs and will try my best to make things the way that you would like them.


During first contact, I like to give a rough estimate of when your costume may be completed. I try my best to not miss deadlines, and so far have not. However, your costume may be completed earlier than the designated date. I am okay with holding on to the piece until the date specified in our first contact in order to give you more time to make payments.

What I Need From You

A 30% non-refundable deposit is due before you will be put into the queue. If your order includes a bodysuit, I will need to receive your duct-tape-dummy (DTD) in a timely fashion. Head, paw, and feet orders will require measurements from you in order to ensure the best fit. If incorrect measurements are given, resulting in an improper fit, you will assume the responsibility of error.


Shipping will be discussed after the final payment is made, due to frequent changes to postal and shipping rates. Generally speaking, I mail things using Flat Rate boxes with USPS, assuming that the item will fit into one. Larger boxes will, of course, have a higher cost associated with them. I also am open to local pickup.


I currently accept payment through Paypal and Squarecash (Squarecash is USA only--sorry!).

Rights and Photos

As the artist, I request that credit be given to me for my work. I do not hold the rights to the character, but may use photos of the costume to promote my business. If you would like the ownership of the costume to not be known, just let me know and I will ensure that you are not named.

Contact Meow



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